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The songs played prior to the start of your ceremony is called the prelude. This is usually light background music played for approximately 30 mins. pre ceremony while your guests arrive.

The opening of your wedding ceremony traditionally consists of 3 songs.

These songs are commonly referred to as:

1. The Processional- Typically the officiant and Groom walk down before and are at the alter BEFORE this song begins followed by the bride's mother and grooms parents. Once the song starts the Bridal Party walks out ending with the flower girl(s).

2. The Bride's March- This song is when the Bride first makes her appearance and walks down the aisle escorted by her father or close friend or relative.

3. Processional- This song starts immediately after the officiant formally announces the newlyweds. Starting with the Bride & Groom the bridal party exits in reverse order of entrance.

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These are the TOP 5 SONGS that our Brides have chosen to walk down the aisle to over the last 5 years:

5. Wagner- The Bridal Chorus
Perhaps the most traditionally famous and instantly recognizable on the list. There are many different versions of this song performed in many different styles. You can find a classical version or a contemporary take on it if you're looking for a "traditional with a mix of modern" vibe. 

4. Pachelbel- Canon in D
Another instantly recognizable classic. It's a beautiful melody, not as rigid as "The Bridal Chorus". This has made it popular with modern brides. It's another song with hundreds of different versions available making it easy for a bride to find one that fits her style the best.

3. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World
Hawaiian born, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, has made this medley a modern classic for wedding ceremonies. Sometimes the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" version is chosen over the medley...but the medley combination has a slight edge when it comes to popularity among brides.

2. Kina Grannis - Can't Help Falling In Love
This version of what used to be commonly known as, an "Elvis song",  has burst into the wedding scene after appearing in the movie, Crazy Rich Asians". 

Kina Grannis's hauntingly romantic rendition has been the soundtrack for many beautiful brides walking down the aisle.

1. Christina Perri/The Piano Guys- 1000 Years
The original Christina Perri version of 1000 years became a sleeper hit after appearing in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1. Though it was never actually played during the wedding ceremony, brides nevertheless realized its epic nature and it's comfortably held the number one spot for many years. The Piano Guys version has overtaken the Christina Perri version in favor for walking down the aisle, but both versions remain wildly popular 

If you're looking for something more unique check out our personally curated list of songs. This list contains tracks that work well for the Processional as well as the Brides March.

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