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1Reach out to us for a personal consultation to understand your needs and expectations, customizing your event accordingly.

2. When you're ready to book, we'll send you a digital contract via email for easy signing and payment submission.

3. Receive access to our client area on our website, where you can browse our music library, submit song requests, create an event itinerary, make payments, and communicate event details.

4. About a month before your event, meet with your DJ to discuss details like the order of events, song choices, and special requests.

5. On the big day, we'll serve as MC and coordinator, ensuring a seamless flow of events and keeping the dance floor lively. You can relax and enjoy - we've got you covered!

6. Throughout the planning process and beyond, we're always available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Our DJs are passionate about music and will help guide you through song selections and planning details.


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  •      Hi there, I'm Ted Karter, the passionate force behind SoundProof Entertainment. Music has always been my muse, sparking joy in me from a very young age.

    When I was just 16, I landed my own radio gig at a local college station, immersing myself in the world of music. When the opportunity arose to DJ for on of my high school dances, I jumped at it- even though I was clueless about pro DJ equipment.

    Armed with nothing but a tape deck, cd player, a pair of speakers, and an amplifier, I improvised my way through. I had meticulously planned out the night and had a bunch of music on standby to switch it up when needed. I had to toggle between "CD" and "Tape" on the amplifier when it came time for me to switch songs because I didn't have a professional mixer! To my delight, the dance was a hit! Despite my lack of gear knowledge and never having DJ'd for a live dance crowd before, some of my fellow students hailed it as the "best dance they've ever attended", and requests to do more poured in.

    That pivotal moment ignited a fire within me for live DJ'ing. It was the beginning of an exhilarating journey that led me to where I am today: curating unforgettable experiences through the power of music!


DJ Ted Karter Wedding & Party DJ SoundPr

  •      I was a Communication major at Cleveland State University and became an on-air radio broadcaster for 7 years. During this time I worked my way through the Cleveland nightclub and bar scene.


  •      Over the years I've been a resident or guest DJ at notable venues such as Metropolis (Trilogy), The Phantasy, Smart Bar, The Odeon, House of Blues, Peabody’s, The Garage, View Ultra-lounge, The Grid, Uptown (Bowling Green), and I've headlined events in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Columbus, and Detroit.

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  •      Drawing upon my expertise as a seasoned club DJ and honing my microphone techniques through years of radio and live announcing, I discovered my true passion when I ventured into wedding DJing two decades ago. From my humble beginnings with just a tape deck and CD player, I've evolved significantly! At SoundProof Entertainment, we pride ourselves on using top-of-the-line equipment, but my fervor for DJing is as vibrant as it ever was.

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  •      SoundProof Entertainment stands out by striking the perfect balance between timeless classics and modern hits, blending contemporary flair with traditional charm and elegance. Our DJs share the same passion for music, and the art for keeping people dancing, as I do!

    When you choose us, you're opting for a team brimming with confidence and experience. We're ready to assist you in every step of your planning journey. From orchestrating elegant ceremonies and classy cocktail hours, to setting the mood with feel-good dinner music and igniting the dance floor with killer tunes, we're your go-to entertainment company for an unforgettable celebration. 

DJ Ted Karter SoundProof Entertainment Cleveland Wedding DJ's
SoundProof is a member of the US DJ Association
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