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Transport your guests into your dream wedding reception through the unique designs of monograms and brilliant colors of uplighting!


"Uplighting: the affordable, fastest, and most impressive way to transform any space. A few strategically placed uplights can turn a 'meh' room into an 'OMG!' experience.

Traditional venues often sport safe, neutral colors that may not match your wedding palette. Uplighting lets your colors pop!

For a stunning effect, consider lighting the entire room with a color from your palette. Alternatively, with accent wall uplighting, focus on key areas, like the head table, for maximum impact. Remember, just like you and your partner, uplights shine best when they work together!"



Elevates any space: Transform a bland room into a stunning setting, setting a romantic mood and energizing guests for a night of celebration.


Showcases your wedding colors: Enhances your decor by complementing your florals, linens, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding cake, pulling the entire room together.

Enhances photography and videography: Adds depth and ambiance to your photos and videos, capturing the magic of your event for a lifetime.

Saves time and money: Eliminates the need for elaborate decorations, saving you precious time and money on setup and teardown. We handle everything, so you can focus on enjoying your big night!"

Monogram Projection

     Add an extra special personal touch to your wedding and get that WOW when guests walk in!

     Project a beautiful, personalized monogram, name, or image on the walls or ceilings.

   Our CUSTOM Monogram choices are unique to SoundProof Entertainment! You won't find these anywhere else.

Dancing on the Clouds

     Add the dramatic to your first dance with  stunning low-lying fog that gives the appearance that you are dancing on a cloud!

     Our Dancing on the Clouds effect adds a beautiful blanket of low-lying fog which creates a picturesque atmosphere for your first dance.

This is a gallery of uplighting at SoundProof events.

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