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Our giant booth holds up to 10 adults.
Tell us about your event by checking our availability, and we will get back to you to discuss if we have a booth available for you!

Party Package Starting at - $595

  • 3 hours of Unlimited sessions

  • Double prints

  • Professional attendant to operate booth

  • Setup and teardown included

  • Props for guests to wear or use

Wedding Package - $695

  • 5 hours of Unlimited sessions

  • Double prints

  • Professional Scrapbook

  • Professional attendant to operate the booth

  • Setup and teardown included

  • Props for guests to wear or use

  • Online gallery of prints

Wedding Packages come with a

SoundProof Entertainment PHOTOBOOTH.jpg


1. It adds excitement and breaks the ice with your attendees by giving people something to talk about. Family members that haven’t seen each other for a long time will be eager to take photos of themselves together…who knows when their next meeting will be?

2. Not everyone at a wedding likes to dance- this can be some great fun for those folks. Maybe Cousin Ryan or Uncle Bob or that one guy from your office isn't comfortable shaking it to "Yeah"...but they might not be so shy behind a closed curtain and let their silly side go for a few good photo strip laughs!

3. You’ll capture permanent memories. Not just the posed photos, but spontaneous pictures of your and family acting goofy with odd props. You get a scrapbook full of surprises at the end of the evening and your guests get to take the memory home with them. How many other party favors can you hang on the fridge?

4. Photobooths are both classic and modern. They're fun and appropriate for wedding guests of ALL ages. Your older relatives will enjoy the nostalgia of a photobooth, adults will love it because it gives them a chance to be ridiculous and create unique candid shots, and kids will enjoy every moment of having their own personal photoshoots! It gives everyone a chance to mingle and enjoy the company of everyone in attendance, including the bride and groom!  

Our Photobooth in action (above)
and photos from actual events! (below)

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